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What is your specialty? What subjects do you deal with?

In which media do you presently work or have you worked?

Please list a web address where where one can view an example of your work.

What is "news"?

To you, what is objectivity?

What is the best headline you have ever read?

What headline would you like to see printed one day in the newspaper?

Which paper do you buy on Sundays? Where do you read it?

Does freedom of expression end where the editorial line begins?

Do you feel that analytical and investigative journalism is being lost?

With a camera on every mobile phone, is every citizen becoming a correspondent?

How would you explain the boom of the tabloid press?

What is your position regarding the right to privacy of famous people?

What can you teach us about the art of the interview?

Please list well-known people you have interviewed.

Would you say the journalism blog is revolutionizing the profession?

Will the paper press disappear?

What are your thoughts of the free papers distributed in cities?

What is the book you would like to write?

Is there a motto or ethical principle that clarifies your decisions in moments of confusion?

What advice would you give to someone who has just left university and wishes to start in the profession?


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