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What did you study? What did you specialize in?

What has been your professional experience in the arena of law? How long have you been in the profession?

Are there any links we can follow to see something more about you?

What types of cases interest you most?

How do clients find you? Why do you think they choose you?

How do you set your rates? Does it have to do with time commitment , what is at stake, or with the financial ability of the client?

How do you sell a client on the strategy you develop for litigation?

Clients can sometimes be emotionally upset. How do you get them to adopt a realistic and rational attitude?

What do you do when your gut says your client is lying to you?

Have you ever defended someone's innocence while knowing with certainty that he/she was really guilty?

What reasons would you have for not taking on a case? How would you justify it?

What strategy is usually effective, an aggressive and intimidating one, or one that seeks a reasonable compromise?

Is it important to know beforehand the personality and habits of the judge that is going to decide the case?

Is courage needed to practice your profession?

What is justice? Is there a way to measure it, or is it only a sentiment?

Should the social repercussions of a sentence, i.e., the message that it sends to society, be kept in mind?

DNA analysis has revealed some serious judicial errors in the past. Isn't that a sufficient argument for abolishing the death penalty?

Is it acceptable ethically to think of a lawsuit as a business opportunity?

A video shows the guilt of the defendant, but because it was recorded illegally it is not admissible as evidence and the defendant goes free. Is this absurd justice?

What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the jury system?

Is it necessary to maintain a costly and slow justice system in order to avoid a flood of irrelevant cases?

How do you see the defense of royalties in an increasingly digital future?

Is the amount of attention paid to crime by the mass media excessive?

What continuing education do you receive in order to keep up-to-date?

Where are you headed professionally? What would you like to be doing five years from now?

What advice can you give someone with an interest in pursuing this profession?


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