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What was your first crush like?

What is most important to you in a relationship?

Is love a creative challenge?

Do you consider it necessary to share views on politics or art?

What do women want from men?

What do men want from women?

What things would definitely stand in the way of any possibility of starting a relationship with someone?

Do you keep on trying, even if your feelings are not reciprocated?

Is conflict sometimes necessary to fuel love?

Should we accept being alone or seek a way out as soon as possible?

Is it possible to only be friends with someone you are deeply in love with?

Which kind of loyalty is more important, physical or emotional?

Do you keep friendly relations with your exes?

What three questions would you ask a person to see whether or not they could be considered a potential mate?

Do you have a formula for increasing your partner's libido?

What is your ideal plan for a romantic evening?

Is jealousy a healthy or an unhealthy reaction?

Do you believe love is possible when there are geographical, age, racial or cultural differences?

What are the keys to a lasting relationship?

What advice would you give to anyone trying to flirt with you?


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