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What is your earliest memory?

Who were your childhood playmates? What did you play?

What toys do you recall most fondly?

What can you tell us about your family?

What was primary school like? What teachers and classmates do you recall most vividly?

What characters, famous people, or heroes did you identify with as a child?

How complicated was your transition to adulthood?

What can you tell us about your discovery of sex?

Did you always know what you wanted to be? How did you discover your calling?

How many times have you found the love of your life? What about unrequited love?

What was your first job? How did your first work experience turn out?

What do you consider the most important projects or businesses you have been involved in.

Who have been the key people along your professional path; people who have believed in you and given you opportunities?

Cities, neighborhoods, and houses where you have lived: how have they marked the phases of your life?

Have you ever "come out of a closet" of some sort? What challenges have you had to overcome?

What are the greatest successes and the major failures of your life?

In the lowest moments, what kept you afloat?

What do you give thanks to life for? What do you think you have had good luck in, and what not?

What was the best time in your life?

If you write your memoirs someday, what will be the title?

What are the things that you definitely want to do before dying?


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