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When did you start modeling? What kind of jobs do you usually do?

Is your 'book' online? Can you provide a link to it?

What is the most characteristic work you've done in your career?
Events, agencies, brands, etc.

What method did you follow to get the expression or the attitude that they were seeking?

Are you recognized on the street? Is it annoying?

Do you pose nude? Yes, no, it depends?

Would you like to work behind the camera? Have you ever tried?

Do you see the profession as a springboard to something else, or something lasting?

When you finish a session, do you tend to think you could have done better? Do you depend on someone who will critique you honestly?

When you see the result, is it usually as you imagined?

What do you think of anorexia? Do you think the fashion industry is responsible for this epidemic in some way?

Name three male and female models whose work you admire.

What magazine do you dream of appearing on the cover of?

What are your favorite clothes brands?

What clothes are you wearing right now?

How do you stay in shape, physically and mentally?

What places have you traveled to for work?

Is it possible to do good work, but not like the product or project?

What's your secret to getting your day off to a good start?

Do you have a special diet of some kind?

What advice would you give to someone who is going to a casting call for the first time?


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