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What is your specialty? Production, direction, something else?

Is there a link to a site where we can see references to your work?

How did you begin in this field? Who introduced you to it?

Which have been the most symbolic works of your career?

Do you work for a client, for the audience, or for your own creative adventure?

What should a good script have in order to interest you?

Name three contemporary directors or producers that you admire.

What movies or television shows inspired you to work in this field?

If an actor delivers the lines but is not believable, how do you direct him/her?

What actor would you love to work with and what type of character would you propose to him/her as a challenge?

Are you the type who instantly knows when a take is good, or one who does another three takes to be safe?

What type of direction are you used to giving the director of photography?

How interested are you in image technologies such as robotized cameras, special effects, etc.?

Which has been your experience with conflicts between direction and production?

Do you enjoy post-production, or do you prefer to leave that in the hands of other professionals?

Do you approach an editing session with a clear idea of what you want to do or with an attitude of experimentation?

What magazines or websites of the sector do you follow regularly?

What is the best movie than you have seen in the last year, and why did it seem especially good?

Do you eat popcorn at the movies?

What do you think of public subsidies for cinema?

What respect does the reality phenomenon deserve? What experiences have you had with this genre?

What works best for you when selecting an actor: an audition, seeing some of his/her previous work or having a long conversation with him/her?

Do you like to have a second unit or do you prefer to control every still of a production?

Do you change the dialogue after selecting the actors in order to adapt the characters to them?

Which do you like more, large budget or small independent productions?

Do you like to experiment with new technology immediately or do you prefer to wait for it to develop?

Is the future of cinema the Internet? Mobile phones?

Does the concept of interactive video stir up creative thoughts for you, or does it leave you cold?

What recommendations do you have for someone who wants to break into in the industry?


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