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What is your specialty in multimedia?

Do you have a website or blog where we can see something of your work?
Please specify the web address.

What has been your career path? How have you arrived to the point where you are? What did you do before?

What types of clients do you have? How do they find you?

How did your interest in multimedia technology begin?

Please provide a brief description of the hardware and software you currently use most.

What parts of your work are the ones you enjoy most and least?

Technology and art - a collison of the left and right brain?

Do you usually keep an eye on the work of your competition and analyze how they have done things?

How do you learn new techniques? Manuals? Tutorials? Trial and error?

What new technologies are you experimenting with now?

What technology or phenomenon do you believe will revolutionize the sector in the next few years?

Does it irk you when something new makes what you've already learned obsolete?

You spend many hours in front of screens and in dark rooms. How do you compensate for that on a personal level?

If you have to hire an assistant, what qualifications and qualities do you look for when making your choice?

What types of professionals are you used to collaborating with, sharing experiences with, or forming a team with?

What professional publications or portals do you follow regularly?

What advice would you give those who want to break into this profession?


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