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What hobbies have you got?

Which actor would you like to be?

If you were sent to a deserted island, which book, CD and film would you take with you?

How do you find the balance between working to live and living to work?

In moments of tension, what techniques work in calming the mind?

A simple pleasure that for you is quite big or important.

What is the greatest loss you have had in your life?

How do you respond to telemarketing calls?

Are you an ex-smoker? How did you quit?

It is 5 pm on a typical Sunday: what are you doing?

Something in which you are completely incompetent.

Of what are you an addict?

You have nine wins in a row in a game of roulette: do you continue because you are on a good run, or abandon the game because statistically, it is your turn to lose?

What toy gave you the best moments of your childhood?

What was your favourite primary/secondary school teacher like?

How did you meet your current boy/girlfriend?

What was your first vehicle?

Your New Year resolutions.

Is there any superstition that makes you change your behaviour?

Does knowing someone's zodiac sign help you to better understand that person?

Please list something you have not yet done, but that you would definitely like to do someday.

In your lifetime, what is the best news you have ever seen printed?

To which other place in the world would you move without hesitation?

A bad habit you have overcome.

A word or expression that you love.

A word or expression that you detest.

Which animal do you prefer for company?

What do you imagine yourself doing for your retirement?

If you were to return reincarnated, which real-life person would you like to be?


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