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How did you begin programming and at what age?

What languages do you code, and in what platforms?

What machine configuration and operating system do you use?

Please list web addresses where we can see some of your work

What motivates you to undertake a new project?

What part of project development is most gratifying to you?

From the outside, it seems a rational job, but is creativity necessary for programming?

What conditions do you need to concentrate when programming?

After working for long periods of time, have you ever felt as though you were in a bubble?

When you check out code you wrote time ago, what's the main difference with respect to code that you write nowadays?

Do you still buy programming books, or do you learn everything from online sources?

Do you think programming should be taught at the basic education level?

What has been your experience in marketing your software?

What do you learn from software users?

What would be your solution against piracy?

Would you consider yourself rigorous in the organization of the coding that you write and on commenting it?

How do you calculate the budget for a software project?

What are your favourite games and on what platform do you play them?

How often do you clean dirt-buildup on your keyboard?

How do you feel when friends or family ask for your help in solving domestic computer problems?

As machines for development, what opinion do Macs deserve?

How do you protect your computer from viruses?

In social settings, do people become interested when you tell them you are a software developer?

Do you work alone or in a team? Which do you prefer?

Are you one of the first to update to new software when it comes out, or do you normally wait until more stable versions appear?

What is your main reason for not meeting project deadlines?

In your opinion, which company helps software developers the most?

How many breaks per day do you normally take?

At this point in your career, what would be the project of your dreams?

What is your next project?

Which websites or forums for programmers do you frequently visit?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a programmer?


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