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Which is your specialty in psychology?

What types of clients do you work with?

Is there a web site or blog where we can learn more about you?

What methods do you employ? Could you briefly explain the principles your approach is based on?

How do you market your services? Where do your new clients come from?

How obsolete is Freud today?

What are some simple things that one can to do to fight stress and anxiety?

Depression is almost epidemic. What is going wrong on the societal level?

What do dreams mean?

Why is it so difficult for us to forgive ourselves?

What does the phenomenon of falling in love consist of? Is there a cure?

What are the keys to creating healthy relationships?

What new trends in psychology have stirred up your interest the most?

How is the creative personality different from others?

What is a “healthy” ego?

Which are the most common psychological problems of artists and creative people in general?

What kinds of people do you think are at high risk for addiction?

Is it possible to program the unconscious mind for success?

What books do you recommend to help us develop a better understanding of ourselves?

In the past there was a lot of stigma associated with going to therapy, but now it is rather fashionable. When is and when isn't help from a psychotherapist necessary?

How should one deal with a friend who "psychoanalyzes" without having been asked to do so?

Give us a simple prescription for happiness


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