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What is your professional position? What technology do you work with?

Please list web addresses where one can see something about you.
blogs, online magazine articles, company website, etc..

Do you consider yourself a geek?

How did your professional interest in technology come about?

Were you one of those who broke toys to see the inner workings?

How would you describe the emotion that comes from getting involved in a new technology?

In your field of work, what is the major technological trend on the horizon?

What factors should one keep in mind when giving advice about an investment in technology?

Do you think businesses waste a lot of money on bad technology?

What brands or companies within your professional environment are you used to recommending with great confidence?

How do creativity and methodology combine to resolve technological problems?

Which one is needed to work in technology: great patience, or an especially ordered mind?

Does pressure impede your concentration or is it a stimulus to outdo yourself?

Aside from work, what other technologies interest you on a personal level?

What are your favorite gadgets? If someone can't find you, what store would they need to go to in order to look for you?

Are kids and teens too “technified”? Can one become addicted to technology?

Which is more difficult: dealing with machines or dealing with people?

How often are you called on outside of work hours to solve an urgent problem?

Play futurologist: what will the technology of your sector be like in 20 years time?

Do you attend fairs, conventions, or other events related to your sector?

What professional challenge would you like to undertake at this time?

Where is your professional career headed? What do you imagine yourself doing five years from now?

What magazines, forums or websites do you use to keep up to date with technology?

What advice do you have for those reluctant to try new technologies?


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