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What is your specialty: creativity, contact, or research?
I think I approach issues from the unique perspective of having worked on both sides fo strategy and creative. That experience has reaffirmed my belief that every challenge has more than one possible resolution.
Please list some brand names or clients that you have worked for.
Salomon Brothers|SmithBarney, Credit Suisse, American Express, CondeNast, CBS Sportsline, PeoplePC, New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks City Dancers, Ellen Tracy, Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Jim Webb for US Senate, Armenian National Council of America, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Have you got a blog or web page?
www.starcitydesign.com On a previous path I had a site which still lives, www.starcitydesign.com. There was briefly a blog there as well. After 8 years of consulting, I am dedicating my full-time efforts for one of the best brands in all of Chiropractic, Foot Levelers, Inc.
What do your clients value more, strategy, creativity, design, or return of investment?
I think it varies from client to client, and where their respective businesses are in their own life span. However, I have never had a client who wasn't concerned with ROI. Afterall, I would be concerned about payment if they were not.
The word 'creativity' is much-used in advertising, yet most commercials are annoying, why is that?
If every oyster contained a pearl, they would all be worthless. Moreover, if it is the annoying ones we remember then perhaps they are the most successful ones, because it is those that we remember. I recently heard a statistic that the average American is faced with 3000 commercial messages a day. He/She only notices 52 of those messages and actually remembers a mere 4 of them. If Sham-wow is one of the 4, then how "bad" is that commercial?
Can a bad advertising campaign sell well?
"I've fallen and I can't get up" Sham-wow Oxy-Clean Super-Glue Slap-Chop Mr. Microphone
Which advertising agencies and directors seem the best to you at this moment?
Weiden + Kennedy
What brings you the most satisfaction: when your advert pleases your boss, your client, your friends, or your mother?
I would love for all to be happy with the advert, but what is most important and what makes me happiest is when the advert moves units.
Is a political candidate the same as a product?
This may be parsing words, but a candidate is a brand and their policies are the product.

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Joe Stanley
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