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What do you do? What is your musical specialty?
I'm a rapper, songwriter, composer, producer, arranger, and engineer. I specialize in hip-hop and electronica, but I dabble in all genres.
Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, who are the others you work with?
I'm a solo artist, but I work on joint ventures from time to time.
Is there a web address where one can listen, see, or read some of your work?
Please list any awards, competitions, or other acknowledgments you would like to mention.
Please list discography in which you have participated.
LEGO: Building Block Music K'NEX: Building Block Music II Rebirth Fraîche
How did you begin making music? Who introduced you?
I started writing songs when I was seven. It was just something I picked up. I was singing at the time. I had no examples. I started writing raps three years later after finding one my older brother's notebook. I used his notebook as guideline to write a song called “Juniors In The Ghetto”. I started producing four years after. I saw a video game for the PS2 called “Music Maker”. I learned the basics and bought the real deal. That led to me becoming an engineer.
What was your musical education?
I sang in choir for 10 years. I played in band for five years. I've taken generalized music theory courses, as well as classical and jazz. I've also taken several audio engineering and production courses at The Art Institute of Houston.
When did you realise that making music could be a way of life for you?
When I wasn't happy doing anything else.
What is your creative process?
It varies slightly from time to time, but I just get into the zone and let the music guide me.
When do you have your most lucid moments, in the morning or night?
At night.
Have you ever awoken with a melody created from your dreams?
How do you know when a song is finished or needs no more changes?
When I don't want to add anything else to it.
How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?
Through trial and error. It's a bit hard to describe because it varies from project to project.
What part of your job is your least favourite?
None! I love it all!
How often do you practice?
At least once a week.
How do you feel right before going out on stage?
Which musicians or groups have been inspiring to your career?
B.Slade O'hene Savant Curren$y Tech N9ne Jean Grae Mia X 3D Na'Tee Da Brat Queen Latifah Organized Noize Mannie Fresh Precise Beats By The Pound
List three songs that are key to your life.
Do Whatcha Wanna by Rebirth Brass Band Before I Let Go by Maze Mr. Magic by Grover Washington, Jr.
What should be done to stop piracy?
Now you know you can't stop that. This is the age of technology.
What type of music do you detest?
Detest? None.
What time did you get up this morning?
I don't remember....
How do you sell yourself? What has been your experience with record companies and representatives?
Watch what I do to sell myself. Just watch. I don't deal with record companies.
What other things have you done to make a living?
Computer repair. Internet installation.
Have you ever played on the street or in the subway? How much did you collect each day?
Only marched in band. Haven't rapped for money on the corner.
Who would you play with, without a doubt?
Anyone I vibe well with.
What advice would you give to someone starting out in the business?
Find yourself first. Don't jump into this before then.

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Kamille Carondelet
Houston, TX

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