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What is your blog address? What subjects do you deal with?
beachresortsphilippines.blogspot I deal with all subjects that deals with peoples everyday lifestyle.
What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?
The idea that I can finally do everything I like in one go. About middle of October 2009.
What blogging system have you adopted and why?
I use just my pc..cheaper and thought organizing venue.
How many visits a day do you get? What type of comments do you receive?
No idea..
How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?
This is a place that exactly makes me be who I am..so it is very fulfilling.
Have you created relationships with other bloggers or readers of your blog?
Just short positive coversations to encourage people but I am quite private.
How often do you post? Does regular posting of your blog require a lot of effort on your part?
Goal is daily posting. The effort can be well worth it.
Does blogging bring in income for you? Can one make a living from posting?
I think so.
How do you promote your blog?
through the google readers, facebook, blogs i follow, followers, links, and pages.
How would you define your readers? Have you got a faithful audience?
maybe conservative?
Are there any blogs you follow daily or regularly?
Have you ever received gifts for blogging about your opinion of products or services? What do you think of bloggers who do that?
No, haven't received any gifts. Unprofessional.
How do you see your blog evolving in the future?
Still in deep thoughts about these but I am one who does keep moving, learning and improving.
What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?
Choose a subject that you are well verse and easy for you. AND TRY TO VISIT beachresortsphilippines.blogspot.com FIRST TO FIND OUT!!

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Leticia Sumogue
Caroline Springs, Australia

[leticiasumogue] Leticia Sumogue
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