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What subjects do you teach? What types of students do you have?
I taught the Spanish Language and, through it, the Spanish Culture.My students are those who feel interest to study the Spanish language. No matter the reason, age, time, etc.. as long as there is intention, I'm available!
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something about what you do or the center where you work?
I am a Tutor of Instituto Cervantes. www.institutocervantes.com I am working in the area of California. I tought semi-attendance class or online.
How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching? How did you become interested in education?
I am a teacher by training and vocation. As a teenager worked as a private teacher, then I specialize in Physical Education for elementary and before my 20 years, taught geography, history and science in technical colleges while solving my university studies in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Before finishing the carreer, I started as Assistant Ad Honorem and 2 years later, I began as Assistant Professor of Introduction to Knowledge Proyectual and design practice, learn to reach the Deputy position. In the last time, I studyed : Ontological Coaching and NLP to know more deeply communication systems, and create a course of Expression Graphic Ontological issued by the National University of Buenos Aires. I tought Spanish language in England for 7 years, and now in U.S. working for the Instituto Cervantes.
Who was your most influential teacher and why?
My Coach were my "wings" in my carreer. I discovered my skills as a leader and the power to communicate.
What is your educational philosophy?
I hold that the human being is "expanded" within a culture when he studies a language. Is enriching this planet to understand how different human beings, and as the language is part of our habitat.
What is the most challenging aspect of teaching for you?
When the students "feel" the language and begin to communicate..., that is the best!
What kind of relationship do you have with your students?
I am a "friendly tool, a facilitator to achieve their goals.
What is the secret to instilling interest in knowledge?
Having passion in what you do is powerful!, not to mention the commitment, responsibility and to be professional.
What is your philosophy on homework and grading?
I believe in the self-assessment, I am a sort of guide, a facilitator to achieve what they have to accomplish. Homework is a time to enjoy like a hobby.
Is it possible to teach creativity? how?
I begin from the point : "all is possible in the life". What is the taboo about "creativity"? which is yours? ...Maybe you can find answers to your question.
How do you individualize your teaching? How do you handle the different ability levels of students in classes?
Working in a "team. " When I implement it, I remember the movie "Pay It Forward. "
What cooperative learning means to you. How have you used it?
We are always "connected" people. So either a class at a middle school, or a group of Seniors in Community Center, or people of a company. The cooperative that applies is that of respect for the offer that is each individual and of service instead of authoritarianism.
What do you expect from your supervisor? What qualities would you like to have in your principal?
I think it is someone who "walks beside me when I walk beside him". Together we can bring a win to whom we are driving.
What issues in education are of greatest concern to you?
In the area I'm working, I'm interested in connecting students to Spanish culture. This I can offer a tool to be able to use whatever the circumstances. It's like position from another location to see the same ... sure it will be different! Then, there is only the vocabulary that comes from a thought, emotion and accompanied with a gesture or posture.
What are some ways you have incorporated technology into the classroom.
Because of the distances to cover, time management, and other human conflicts; incorporate online teaching.
In light of new technologies, do we need to reinvent the school, its methods and objectives?
I think it's good to rethink each objective. Surely there are those who are maxima or more general, and of each group. Whenever I have a group, although the subject is the same, sure the class is not, and that does not depend only on the technology.

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Liliana Llebaria
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