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What is your specialty as a stylist? fashion, salon, image, objects...?
Fashion, personal shopping
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something of your work or of where you work.
In what style or trend do you classify yourself?
Affordable fashion, work-related and career fashion, fashion over 40!
What are your clients like?
How did you begin to develop your talent? Have you possesed it since you were a child?
Had a talent early on, 2nd grader who loved to make paper dolls from felt bought at Woolworth. Remember Woolworth stores in the 1970's
What importance has professional training had on your career?
Learn by doing aka chef Rachel Ray
When did you first realize you could make a living this way?
Working in retail since 2001 and combining that with my styling skills ...
What people or experiences have taught you the most and helped you to arrive where you are?
Working in corp. America since 1982 and those experiences have really shaped me. I have worked in customer service my entire life. As I started working at 16 waiting tables on Main St. America. Have worked in service industry, retail, mfg. and training and development and high-tech consulting. I really have had the good fortune of working in many industry and doing mostly customer service, account management and sales support and marketing. I am very well rounded.
What is your concept of beauty? Why does it change so much from one culture to another, or from one era to another?
My concept of beauty dovetails into my spirituality. In that case because I see all things as being connected and from ONE source everything is beauty... I take a very metaphysical approach to life and so from culture to culture and from year to year I stay pretty much focused on the fact that beauty is everywhere and in everything. Nature is a great way to find beauty.
Do you need to love what you do, or does professionalism suffice?
I am always striving for more. I love what I do but I want to do more and learn more and be all that I can be, always getting better.
What do you do when a client requests something that you believe is not suitable for him/her?
I am an all time truth teller. I tell them what I think and let them make the final decision. I always tell them the truth even when it hurts. I use lots of humor to diffuse those conversations.
Besides advising clients, do you also educate them?
Every single day I learn something new from a client, and so they educate me and in turn I share that knowledge and it all comes round full circle
Isn't there a cult of vanity in premeditated publicity and fashion poses?
Oh do not get me started on this topic.
Your definition of "glamour"?
when you are living authentically inside your body and spirit you are beauty and glamour and truth.
Please name three well-known personalities whose look you admire, and three who need to urgently change their image.
The President of the US The Dalhi Lama Jacki O
Being surrounded by a different style can cause a person to feel different. Can such a feeling transform a person?
The only thing that can transform a person is that person. I am not sure how to give a better answer
What trends do you see gaining momentum?
GREEN! Organics, sustainable, natural, moving toward the movement.
Make a prediction: how long will the fashion of piercing and tattoos last?
Dear GOD it needs to stop. Enough already.
What magazines or websites do you follow to keep up to date? What other types of cultural inputs serve as sources of inspiration for you?
SO many. All the Boston local mags. Improper Bostonian, Boston MAG. The Sunday Boston GLOBE. Unless I own the Boston market I cannot gain credibility elesewhere. I love all GREEN publications.
I would like to be more discerning when I buy clothes or furniture. What do you recommend I do to acquire this ability?
Read my blog Style Fashion and Compassion at www.style64.blogspot.com

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Lisa Ann Schraffa
Newton, MA USA

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