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Do you have an online gallery where one can view your photos?
Here is my website showcasing my professional work. http://www.lukehayes.com
What has been your education as a photographer?
Left school and went to Hertford Regional college and did a Btec ND in photography. Then went on to Falmouth College of Art where I studied photography under Steven Tynan. Assisted loads of photographers, lots of different styles. Then made the leap.
What is your favourite type of photography?
Landscape, built environments, architecture.
What do you try to express through your photography?
In my professional work I try to capture the vision of the architect/designer. Documenting the work in a clear exciting way.
Do you normally photograph with a purpose already in mind, or do you let yourself go with the flow?
Its different every time, some clients like to thoroughly brief and direct, and some none at all. Each project has its own demands and situations that can set the limits of what you can achieve.
Which past masters of photography do you most admire?
Julius Schulman, Sally Mann, Jeff Wall, Hiroshi Sugimoto, O-Winston Link, Ansel Adams
When should one use film, and when should one use digital?
This is the most interesting question. Digital has become the industry standard, in many ways it has surpassed film in quality, price, ease of use... The question is whether it is as special or holds as much value as a piece of film with an image on it. The fact is its much harder to capture an image on film and therefore possibly more valuable? There is an argument that it takes as much skill to create a good digital file.

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