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What is your specialty?
Lulu Handknits is a clothing branding comprised of hand-knitted accessories, clothing items, home goods, and unique patterns that are all thoughtfully designed and constructed. Although the technical speciality of Lulu Handknits is designing and making knitted goods, the heart of the business stems from my over tactile desire to always be close with the ones that I love and care about. I was raised in a close-knit (no pun intended) family and we were very affectionate toward each other. As I grew up, I found that hugs and kisses among platonic and even romantic friends were not as common, and I wanted to find a socially acceptable way form them to "take my love" wherever they may travel. I try to focus my knitted designs on items that keep you warm around the neck, the way a special hug or embrace would. My newest venture is knitting for the home, warm quilts that can be shared while watching a movie, watching the starts, or just kicking back. Everything I make is about warmth, style, and love. I'm a huge proponent of being silly, and showing affection for the people that you love.
Where can we view your portfolio online?
You can see Lulu Handknits products online through our Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LuluHandknits You can also connect with Lulu Handknits online through our Facebook and Twitter accounts; www.facebook.com/LuluHandknits and @LuluHandknits

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Lisa Moreno

[luluhandknits] Lisa Moreno
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