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What do you do? What is your musical specialty?
I sing and write lyrics, and I'm learning guitar and piano.
Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, who are the others you work with?
In a group, I work with my best friend right now who is my bassist and we're still looking for a guitarist and a drummer.
Is there a web address where one can listen, see, or read some of your work?
Ehh, I have an Airplanes cover on youtube. You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiEHeqG-9xI
Please list any awards, competitions, or other acknowledgments you would like to mention.
I haven't gotten that far, haha. I just sing in my home and in friends' cars, windows down.
Please list discography in which you have participated.
I made a demo cd of songs I covered for a graduation present for a friend, but nothing official.
How did you begin making music? Who introduced you?
I always wanted to sing. Always. :)
What was your musical education?
My singing is self taught, my piano and guitar from school classes.
When did you realise that making music could be a way of life for you?
Seeing how determined All Time Low had been, and how much I wanted that for a future.
What is your creative process?
I'll hear someone say a phrase or randomly think of one in my head, check to make sure it isn't copyrighted, and tweak it a bit and add lines that help me get whatever point I'm trying to communicate across.
When do you have your most lucid moments, in the morning or night?
Definitely at night. For some reason I am most inspired to write on Tuesday nights.
Have you ever awoken with a melody created from your dreams?
I haven't, actually. That would be cool though.
How do you know when a song is finished or needs no more changes?
It depends on if I'm happy with it as the final product.
How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?
By singing along to Hey Monday, oddly enough.
What part of your job is your least favourite?
I'm horrible at coming up with melodies! I wish it was easy for me!
How often do you practice?
Any time I hear music, I sing. :)
How do you feel right before going out on stage?
Nervous, excited.
Which musicians or groups have been inspiring to your career?
All Time Low, Hey Monday, Forever The Sickest Kids, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, and Mayday Parade are my biggest influences.
List three songs that are key to your life.
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)- All Time Low Set Off- Hey Monday I Don't Care- Fall Out Boy
What should be done to stop piracy?
Hah, I don't even know! I don't think it's right for the government to monitor people's downloads or computers. So...
What type of music do you detest?
Generally mainstream rap, but I have a fine appreciation for the non-mainstream rap. But the mainstream stuff is utter shite.
What time did you get up this morning?
5:30. Every morning.
How do you sell yourself? What has been your experience with record companies and representatives?
I don't have any experience with them yet! I'm just starting out.
What other things have you done to make a living?
Well, I still live with my parents. So.
Have you ever played on the street or in the subway? How much did you collect each day?
I made 15 bucks in about a half hour!
Who would you play with, without a doubt?
All Time Low, Hey Monday, Forever The Sickest Kids, basically anyone I listen to!
What advice would you give to someone starting out in the business?
If anything, I'm the one that needs advice! Haha.

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Madeline Hart
Roseville, California

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