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What is your specialty in multimedia?
I find all aspects of multimedia 'special', and I find that my flexibility as a multimedia generalist is my strength. Many of the larger studios have a production pipeline which include very specialized roles in their structure. The problem with this strategy, is it can limit the flexibility and variation of the roles and responsibilities, creative strengths and development of the individual team members. I like being able to design a logo, develop a look and feel, with a colour scheme, and apply it to print medium, (business cards, brochures, posters, signage, etc). Then also take it to web, and involving motion graphics and animation in Flash, and perhaps also develop video for web or DVD. This might also involve some audio editing. This is the flexibility that I find adds variety to a multimedia project experience. Sure there is some grunt work production involved, but the variety allows you to work on different aspects which make projects more exciting than doing the same 'specialty'.
Do you have a website or blog where we can see something of your work?
I'm developing a new site cherundesign.com but until then, you'll have to do with my old site: popcorninteractive.com
How did your interest in multimedia technology begin?
I always loved motion graphics, special effects in movies and did a co-op in high school at a post production facility. I've loved digital production ever since.
Please provide a brief description of the hardware and software you currently use most.
Adobe Creative suite mostly. Some softimage 3D. Where it can get complicated is when you use a mac and/or a pc. There are sometimes issues involving fonts. I'd argue that web development is probably better off in a pc environment, whereas video is usually safer on a mac.

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Mike Cherun - Creative Soul
Ottawa, Canada

[mikecherun] Mike Cherun - Creative Soul

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