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How and why did you begin to be creative?
My mother has worked with crativity since I was born. She is my reference.
Your mind is your work tool. How do you take care of it?
When it's impossible to have a good idea, I try to relax and think in another ways to do the same thing.
How do you avoid repeating yourself, or falling into formula? How do you stay fresh?
I try to change my thinkings and starting something new! And when I'm completely fresh I go back to work.
Do you have a ritual like retiring to a lonely place from time to time to cleanse your mind?
No. I prefer to be with other people, because it always brings new ideas.
What cultural sources do you draw from the most?
I try to explore all the cultural sources. In my work everything became reference e object.
Who have your teachers been?
All the people and things around me.
When you accept a job, how much value do you place on each of the following? Money, creative liberty, visibility, and to work with the best.
1.Visibility 2.Creative liberty 3. Money 4. Work with the best
Have you ever had a job that was so stimulating that you could not get your mind off of it?
"To give birth to ideas." Is this only an expression, or are there really parallels between giving birth and creativity?
No, it's not only an expression. The good ideas really born, it's a moment.
Does spirituality contribute to your creativity?
Yes. It leave me more open minded and facilitates the birth of an idea.
It is possible to fall in love with a bad idea simply because it is yours. How do you avoid this?
I always try to show them to people. I hear their critical and I try to be impartial in it. A bad ideia can become a good ideia if we are able to be criticized.
Must someone be the leader or boss in order for a creative team to function well?
A leader is always important to plan a project and give it a way.
Declaration: With what person or business would you like to work?
Dance costumes for a great ballet company.
What criteria do you use when selecting someone to be a part of your creative team?
The first criterion is to be able to be criticized, to be communicative. A person who has a open minded and explore several kinds of knowledge.
The armchair psychologist: Is creativity an act of rebellion for you?
Not always. It depends on how creativity is explored.
What is the best advertisement you've seen recently?
A Brazilian pan brand. It's very real.
Do you work well under pressure?
What city in the world currently attracts you due to its creative environment?
London. Paris. St. Petersburg.
How is an idea sold?
An idea is sold by its magnitude, amplitude, scope, by relevance and "how new is it for the business"
What do you feel when, after two or three years, you see an idea of yours again?
I think that it could be better.
Ideas can come simultaneously to different people in different places with no connection to one another. How do you explain this phenomenon?
Everyone has an imagination and an interpretation of the same thing.
You are as good as your last idea. Wouldn't you like to have a more secure type of work?
Love is love.

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Marilia Siqueira

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