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What is your specialty? How do you help people find harmony?
My specialty is spiritual counseling. I have been doing spiritual counseling and psychic readings for 10 years. I am an Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master. I help facilitate spiritual growth and connecting with Source. I help others remember that they are in union with the Divine always and it is the greatest gift to help others to find their soul's purpose. I work with the spiritual realm to bring messages to my clients to help with their situations they are facing in their lives. Messages from either, spirit guides, angels, light beings, and/or ancestors/relatives, friends that have crossed over, can provide needed clarity to your questions and situations. The messages provided by Spirit speak directly to the heart and soul of an individual, getting at the deeper issues affecting the person's current situation. The greatest gift given during consultations, especially during one on one sessions, is the deep spiritual love that comes through from the spiritual realm. Not only are answers provided but spiritual healing takes place during sessions.
Can you provide a link to a web site or blog where we can learn more about you?
My website address is http://www.mysticsoulreader.com
What were the circumstances that led you to choose the professional path you have chosen?
Since a child, I have had profound experiences with the spiritual realm. The beautiful spirit guides that have worked with my family are beings of light and love, operating at a high level of love frequency. I am grateful to work with them in this sacred work and help others. It is the greatest gift to help others to learn how to learn to connect to spirit without my help. For that is the purpose of my work to help others to do the same and to eventually no longer need my services. That is what spirit wants me to do, to help others empower themselves.
What is happiness, and the main obstacle to reaching it?
Happiness is a state of being, a higher energetic frequency. I believe that when you know that nothing real can be threatened, that nothing unreal exists, this is where you find the peace of the Divine. When you have nothing to fear, and only love is in your heart, this brings in Happiness.
Do we think too much? Why is it so difficult to feel here and now?
Yes, we think too much. This is the Ego. The ego is the part of the mind that thinks it stand alone, disconnected from the Divine. This Ego, is the mind that is endlessly thinking, endlessly asking, endlessly fearing, worrying, planning. It is the mind that is always planning the future and reminiscing about the past making it almost impossible to enjoy the here and now. The Ego provides the mind with endless chatter and is motivated by fear, where as Spirit, the truth of who we are, is simply Love. Our Divine Self has everything it needs and dwells in perfect peace, this is the whole of ourselves that is true. The Ego fights for dominance and believes it has to "survive". This Ego is the loudest voice we hear in our minds. Spirit is the quiet, still voice, that gently whispers the truth in our minds and to our hearts.
How do you deal with discouragement, despair, a sense of setback, etc.?
Discouragement and despair are choices to how we react to situations. Things in life do not always work the way we envision them and it is how we react to those situations that either provides us a negative feeling or positive feeling. For instance, when I change a necessity to a preference, this can help change my feeling toward a situation. For example, I "prefer" my car to start in the morning, I don't "need" it to start. When I "prefer" something, it does not become an addiction or absolute desire. Getting upset and angry about my car not starting, is not going to change the situation, so why waste such negative energy on this. I just need to take the steps to rectify the situation. Of course this is always easier said then done for us all!
Are meditation and prayer cultural variants of the same thing?
I believe meditation and prayer are variants of the same thing. I do not believe there is any one way to the Divine. It is the way that works for an individual, the way that speaks to ones heart in how they connect with the Divine. The experience of connecting with the Divine is as unique to an individual as fingerprints on our fingers. There are many ways to the ONE. Any way that helps to quiet the mind and quiet the Ego, any way that helps one to connect to Source is the way for that individual.
Is faith necessary for spirituality to work?
Faith is a state of being that helps to facilitate spiritual connection, however, I believe that The Divine works in ones lives, whether one has faith or not. The Divine is never disconnected from us, we however forget we are connected. The love of the Divine is with all and eventually all will remember their true connection with Source. So, I guess what I'm saying is that one may not have faith in the Divine, but the Divine always has faith in you.
Is it necessary to have a teacher to find the way?
I believe that when the word necessary is used, this is an Ego term. We are our own teachers, we as spiritual beings have all the tools already to accomplish our purpose. However, for a time, we may need a facilitator to help us remember our purpose and help find our way. It is never necessary to have anything for we have everything as spiritual beings. I like the term helpers. There is nothing wrong in seeking help from one that may have come along further on the spiritual road, but it is the helpers directive to help one to turn back to themselves, to learn from their own internal teacher.
Is it necessary to have a purpose to find meaning in life?
Again, anything "necessary" to me is of the Ego. Just being alive is purpose and meaning in of itself. I like the term "to remember". We all have purpose and meaning for just being who we are, but some of us have forgotten our truth and may need someone to help us remember.
Is it wise to believe in things that do not exist if it helps you to be happy?
Who is to say definitively what exists and what does not? There is no "proof" on either side of the debate to what is considered in the realm of beliefs. The experience of the individual is uniquely the individual's experience and in many ways lead to one's happiness.
How do you distinguish between spirituality and religion?
Spirituality is the experience, religion is the dogma.
Is God an idea? Is God in the brain?
I believe that God is something that is everything, the thing that cannot be defined in human terms. I would say, that ones experience is the definition for them.
What is your concept of free will Vs destiny, fate, karma?
I believe in free will, however I believe in the concept of cause and effect. Each of our actions, taken by our free will, sets into motion many effects. I believe in my opinion that we freely set a plan before we incarnate to experience many different facets of human life. However, I believe we leave some mystery, meaning, we may have set the plan, but the path may offer many turns, twists and choices.
Give us a simple proof for the existence of the soul.
What happens when you die?
In the truest sense, I believe we don't die, we translate, transform into a different form of energy.
What is in a temple that isn't anywhere else?
It is you, you are the temple.
Do you believe in the law of attraction: that we attract what we think about?
In the realm of the physical and energetic universe, yes, this law of attraction is a concept that works within the laws of karmic energies. However, in the realm of pure Spirit, we do not need this law for there is no "law" in spirit. We have everything already, there is no need, no lack in our pure Spiritual form. We have never left our abode of abundance, we have just believed we have.
How does one maintain body-mind harmony?
Being in the here and now. Just knowing that being is all you need do or be. I have a mantra that I state. "I have everything I need in this moment." And this moment translates to eternity. I also believe in not allowing fear to dominate any part of my life. Fear only begets more fear, while love begets more love.
Do creativity and positive thinking slow aging?
Yes, there is a direct link to positivity, creativity and being young at heart. The worry lines do not get written on your face.
What is your short list of healthy habits?
To choose to live in a state of love instead of fear. Not always easy to do in our world. I meditate, I read positive uplifting material, try to surround myself with positive and spiritual people. To always rely on my intuition. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, except on rare occasion,no drugs and I try to eat healthy. I rely on natural herbs and supplements. Keeping a positive mental attitude.
In what ways has your spiritual practice affected your creativity?
These are synergistic in my practice. For one cannot be without the other. Creativity is from spirit and spirit expresses itself through ones creativity.

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