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Do you have an online gallery where one can view your photos?
my main portfolio can be found here-> http://amter.com/still
For how long have you done photography? How did you begin?
I have photographed for about 25 years. I got started because a friend asked if I wanted to buy a part in a dark room. So learned from early on about film processing and printing.
What is your favourite type of photography?
That would be urban- and music photography
What type of preparation do you do before undertaking the photo session?
I would look at shots that have something in them I like and try to define why that works. I also visit the locations beforehand to look at lighting. Where would the natural light be coming from at the time we'll be shooting. Or if it a place I'm lighting, where can I get power and so on.
Do you normally photograph with a purpose already in mind, or do you let yourself go with the flow?
I always have a few setup I know I want to get, but often it develops during the session.
What software and plug-ins do you use to retouch and manage your photos?
I use Aperture mainly with the Nik Colour Effects Pro plugin. I used to use photoshop a lot but I don't retouch my photos as much as I used to these days.
Which past masters of photography do you most admire?
Anton Corbijn for his rawness and simple yet effective shots, and Irwing Penn for his lighting
What is your specialty? Production, direction, something else?
Directing and DOP
Is there a link to a site where we can see references to your work?
Visit me at http://amter.com
Are you the type who instantly knows when a take is good, or one who does another three takes to be safe?
I just know it's good and move on
What type of direction are you used to giving the director of photography?
That's hard to say, the look would be something we work through before the shoot so very little is needed on the shoot day. Though these days I shoot it myself so can't really say

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Nicolai Amter

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