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What subjects do you teach? What types of students do you have?
IT Events managment Wedding planning Business studies
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something about what you do or the center where you work?
How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching? How did you become interested in education?
I started at an early age as a sports coach and it grew from their. I taught in the private school sector in the UK and then trained as further education lecturer and tutor and also as a business coach. I have always loved education myself and from there enjoy passing on my knowledge and igniting a passion for learning and success in others.
Who was your most influential teacher and why?
Dr Cook - she was my biology teacher at school and inspired me to enjoy what I do and be a success! She also had confidence in me which in turn gave me confidence too!
What is your educational philosophy?
Education must be enjoyable and never a chore! It is part of life's journey and will lead you where ever you want to go in life! BUT its hard work and hard play every day!
What is the most challenging aspect of teaching for you?
The range of students that I work with sometimes. I may have a professional that inspires me and I can learn from then another day I may be working with a challenging student that would rather be anywhere and doing anything but learning. The variety is enjoyable but it is also the biggest challenge.
What kind of relationship do you have with your students?
Professional - I am a mentor, tutor and a approachable, but should never over step the line into my personal life!
What is the secret to instilling interest in knowledge?
A passion for the topic myself and making it both fun and interesting - I try to approach difficult topics from unusual angles.
What is your philosophy on homework and grading?
Homework and self study is vital to students development. I always try to provide comprehensive feedback as well as grades, but I am quite strict with my grading structure.
Is it possible to teach creativity? how?
Yes - of course it is... with an inspiring teacher and interesting topics.
How do you establish authority? What do you do when a discipline problem arises?
At the beginning of a term or course I invite students to develop their own ground rules. This gives them ownership and pride in their rules then. In addition to that I am gentle to begin with and then will bring in the big guns if ever required. I generally have great respect from my students and very rarely ever have to use discipline.
How do you individualize your teaching? How do you handle the different ability levels of students in classes?
It is all in the planning and also down to experience. I ensure I am prepare for the class or group I am taking. I also have learning records on individuals so know their standards in advance.
What cooperative learning means to you. How have you used it?
What do you expect from your supervisor? What qualities would you like to have in your principal?
Approachable and supportive. Open to suggestions and encouraging
What issues in education are of greatest concern to you?
lack of serious funding and redevelopment
Would it be a good thing if teachers had economic incentives based on student performance?
In some circumstances yes it would be but it wouldnt work everywhere and would be unfair to some with more challenging students or areas.
Besides more financial resources, what do today's schools lack?
practical resources and space
What are some ways you have incorporated technology into the classroom.
Full - online learning platforms, IT, apps for grade recording and forums for study and support
In light of new technologies, do we need to reinvent the school, its methods and objectives?
No - just embrace it
If you could create the ideal school, what would it be like?
in the countryside with plenty of space and passionate staff
What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?
in some circumstances more virtual, but a real school will always be needed and exist to share resources and staffing
What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?
My husband is a teacher trainer and I may like to do that, but I have two growing businesses too! Either way I would still like to be on the front line and teaching in some way!
What qualities would you need to see in someone before advising him/her to go into teaching?
Patience and a passion for self improvement and that of those around them. They have to also be prepared for the hard work and paper chasing.

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