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What do you do? How do you define yourself as an artist?
I am a freelance illustrator, drawing cartoons for a children's horse magazine.
What is your message?
I have a positive approach to my work and I hope that people see the lighter side of life through it, and enjoy it.
Your biography in four lines.
A few years after high school I completed a cartooning and illustrating diploma. I undertook further studies in art and graphic design then worked for several years at a print house. Now involved in freelance illustration.
Do you upload your work to the web? If so, where could we see it?
How is an idea born? For you, what is inspiration?
I get more and more ideas as long as I keep sketching. Ideas come to me while I'm riding my horse, driving, talking to others, anything. Past experience usually comes into it also.
When do you get your best ideas?
When I am spending time with my horse or talking to friends.
How do you evaluate whether an idea is good or not?
It depends on whether there is an emotional reaction to the idea, however small. A picture has to spark a feeling.
Why do so many artists and creators have such volatile personalities?
Creatives types can be overly emotional and sensitive. Spending a lot of time self-absorbed in your own world probably doesn't always make for good social interaction in the real one either.
What advice would you give to those just beginning?
Find a balance between retaining your own objectives and style, while listening to and being inspired by others. Keep learning.

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Peta Taylor

[ptequine] Peta Taylor
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