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When did you start cooking? Who got you started in this art?
I started cooking when I was three cooking buns and drop scones with my mum and Grandma. My Grandma had a set of smaller bowls and spoons which were perfect for the little hands of her granddaughters, who all demanded to cook when we visited.
Is there a website or blog where we can see something about you and your cooking?
How would you define your style?
Competent home cook who wants to improve.
What is your signature dish or your favorite recipe?
Spaghetti bolognese, it's my Dad's recipe with a few tweaks, and my favourite way to remember him.
What is your favorite cooking gadget?
My food mixer. I LOVE having something to knead my bread and save my elbow grease.
Do you have an funny kitchen incident to share with us?
I was once making a friend a birthday cake, a bright red sponge, what I didn't realise, however was that the catch on my loose bottom cake tin was faulty. I peeped in through the window of the oven about 10 minutes into baking, and it appeared some kind of ritual sacrifice had taken place in there!
If you were stranded on a deserted island for one year, what dish would ask to eat after your rescue?
A really good homemade Victoria sponge cake, I think it's unbeatable.
Is there something you hate to see when you go to a restaurant as a customer?
Bad service, being kept waiting or being hurried out. My biggest peeve is that English restaurants have taken to adding service on at 12.5%, a tip should always be at the customer's discretion over here, there's no reason for it to be otherwise, it should be reward, not expectation.
Do you sometimes find yourself eating junk-food?
Anyone who says they don't is lying.
Who cooks in your home?
Me and my partner. We have been known to fight over who gets to do it.
What new techniques are you interested in learning
I'd really like to learn how to make pasta and ice-cream this year.
What would you say to a novice in the kitchen to help them get over their fear of cooking?
Don't think, just do. Producing an entirely inedible meal is actually quite hard to do.

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Sally Rea

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