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What did you first read? How did you begin to write? Who were the first to read what you wrote?
First memorable books; Tales of Beatrix Potter & Roald Dahl's canon (my first "favourite" was The Twits). I didn't really begin to consider writing as a career choice until I was about 16 when I began to enjoy the creative writing module of English, so I can assume the first peers of my writing were the staff at Bramhall High School
What is your favorite genre? Can you provide a link to a site where we can read some of your work or learn something about it?
I don't have a favourite genre but when it comes to books I much prefer fiction over non-fiction, and I avoid fantasy, sci-fi (except for Asimov's Foundation) and weepies. My blog, Breakfast Tea is at http://breakfasttea.wordpress.com/, though I'm starting up a new music blog at http://dauphinmag.wordpress.com/
What is your creative process like? What happens before sitting down to write?
I rarely plan, usually only having a beginning and a vague conclusion in my head - the rest just flows. Depending on what it is, I generally streamline and refine the piece a few times afterwards, however.
What type of reading inspires you to write?
Impassioned, well written prose; the final pages of Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries has been the best argument for a socialist revolution I've ever read and completely turned me on to left-wing politics aged 16.
What do you think are the basic ingredients of a story?
I'm a sucker for cynical twists.
What voice do you find most to your liking: first person or third person?
Third person, though I like to experiment with tense and pace.
What well known writers do you admire most?
George Orwell, Stephen Faulks, Bill Bryson and Jack Kerouac.
What is required for a character to be believable? How do you create yours?
A consistent voice or attitude but also the malleability and ability to change of a real-life person. When I think of a character I don't think of a single person or face, I think of a still scene with them at the centre.
Are you equally good at telling stories orally?
I've been told that my reading voice is nice, but probably not.
Deep down inside, who do you write for?
Is writing a form of personal therapy? Are internal conflicts a creative force?
Yes and no. I can't write unless I'm calm, so it's no good if I'm upset - but there's a certain trance-state of melancholy that tends to energise my writing hand.
Does reader feed-back help you?
I'm not good at receiving criticism but yes, feed-back is always good.
Do you participate in competitions? Have you received any awards?
Never tried but I guess I'd like to
Do you share rough drafts of your writings with someone whose opinion you trust?
Yes, but only once they're at a reasonable state of completion.
Do you believe you have already found "your voice" or is that something one is always searching for?
I'm still experimenting per say, but when it comes to comment-writing and journalism, I feel my "voice", style, mode of address, is fairly firmly established.
What discipline do you impose on yourself regarding schedules, goals, etc.?
I try and write as far in advance as possible to give room for future revisions but I have no strict guidelines.
What do you surround yourself with in your work area in order to help your concentrate?
Music, tea, space
Do you write on a computer? Do you print frequently? Do you correct on paper? What is your process?
Depending on what I'm writing and where it's going to be published, I generally write out rough drafts on paper and type up the finished copy - editing as I go, as a final check.
What sites do you frequent on-line to share experiences or information?
What do you recommend I do with all those things I wrote years ago but have never been able to bring myself to show anyone?
Go through them, don't throw any out and see if there's anything worth reviving.

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