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What is your specialty?
I specialize in web design and development. Adhering to HTML and CSS standards where appropriate. Also I specialize in site integration with popular CMS solutions, such as Wordpress and Chyrp.
Where can we view your portfolio online?
My personal website is located at http://madebykyle.com. My vCard is located at http://kyleschembri.com.
Have you received any awards for your work in the field of design?
I have not received any physical awards, however most of my websites tend to be featured on CSS showcase galleries such as CSS Mania and CSS Import. This is usually a great traffic builder for my client, and a great window opener for myself.
How would you define your design style?
Minimalistic, I try to focus on the content rather then the background. This really helps with the development of business websites.
In which new areas would you like to experiment?
Ruby on Rails seems to be a great platform on which to build from. Hopefully in the future I would like to build my own CMS for personal and client use.
To a certain point, is copying justifiable?
The way the answer is phrased, no. However, I sometimes and quite often get my inspiration through other designers' work. Colour palettes, and object alignment can only be best seen first through earlier uses.
How do you calculate budgets for a design project?
This number is based on previous work, and how long past jobs have taken myself. Usually I will estimate a time amount, and build up upon that, while sticking with the clients budget.
Which software applications do you most utilize in your work?
My main platform to work from is the Macintosh, which has helped me keep more organized since my Windows days. Coda is a wonderful piece of software that allows me to connect to the server and edit directly from there. However, if a more traditional hands on approach is needed, Textmate and Transmit can be combined. Together with Billings I manage all my clients and make sure they are billed within a timely manor. Finally, activeCollab is used, server-side, to allow the client to monitor and make revisions when necessary. This is an amazing collaboration utility which all developers should become familiar with.

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Kyle Schembri
Vancouver, Canada

[schembri] Kyle Schembri

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