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What is the business idea that you are working on right now? How did you come up with it?
Silicone ball gags with a new way to connect them and a quick release for safety
Is there a website, blog or social media link where we can see more about your project and/or yourself?
http://www.torvea.com and twitter.com/ScottTorvea
What is your professional background? What were you doing before?
Manufacturing BDSM / Bondage gear and Adult Toys
How did the entrepreneurial spirit rise up in you? Were you exposed to entrepreneurship in your family or your social environment when you were a child?
While I have worked for other people, I have also always had my own businesses. So I guess it was always just there.
Do you have partners working with you on this? How do you split the work with them?
Not on this one, but I do have partners in other ventures. I try to find people that are better than me in different areas and work together with them to come out with the best results.
Describe your business plan as briefly and simply as possible.
To offer the best, most reliable products at affordable prices. Simply put offer a high end product at a low end price.
Are you looking for investors? What are you offering in exchange for what?
Not at the moment, but if an investor is willing to work with me on a venture I am willing to talk. A fair exchange or partnership on the new venture.
Do you have employees or people that you outsource tasks to? What do they do?
Yes I have employees, I usually hire people that I feel will add to the company and give them a chance to prove themselves.
Entrepreneurs have a reputation as "control freaks." How do you avoid that?
By empowering my people, communication is the key. As long as they understand my vision, what I'm looking for and how I think things through they can make decisions that are in the best interest of the company. And if they make mistakes we both learn by them. I also enjoy listing to their thoughts on projects, it helps me to see other angles.
How do you balance work with relaxation?
My work is my relaxation. I enjoy what I do so I don't really look at it as work.
What is your main motivation: being your own boss, adventure and discovery, getting rich, doing good for others, or is there something else?
A combination of all of it. But most of all I really enjoy coming up with a new product and seeing it being used and hearing that people really like it.
What do you think of big corporations? Would you work for one?
It depends. I feel that the decision makers in some large companies are too far removed from their customers that they are not able to understand their actual wants and needs. That being said if they empower the right people that issue can be avoided to some degree. But over all they tend to waste more money and take much longer to respond to situations than a smaller company.
When you need guidance or advice, where do you find it?
In business, I talk to my employees and/or customers to come up with the best answer.
Up to what point is luck is important? How do you attract it?
Luck is simply being prepared when opportunity arises.... You could have the best deal offered to you but if you are unable to capitalize on it at that moment then it's worthless.
What do you do to maintain morale and continue persevering in low times?
The largest downfall when it comes to morale is lack of knowledge and understanding between employees and management. If employees do not understand why certain decisions are made or are not involved in the decision process then they are just collecting a pay check verses working for a common goal. People in general like to feel needed and wanted.
Which well known entrepreneurs/enterprises do you admire? Why?
Quentin Tarantino, because he had vision and knew how to make it happen. He gets people to become a part of his vision rather than just hiring them.
What other types of businesses are you frequently tempted by?
I own quite a few business, from chain retail stores to manufacturing in various industries. But making movies has been tempting me the most lately.
Are these times of crisis good for beginning a business?
If you have the capital and the correct business then yes.
How important have PR and social media been for you?
Pretty important, it depends on which business as to how important it is.
What skills would you advise a want-to-be-entrepreneur to acquire?
Communication is one of the most important. Know your market and customers. As for skills a general understanding of bookkeeping and the drive to make it happen are all you need.

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Scott Torvea
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