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What matters more in deciding your vote: the party, the candidate, or the ideas?
the candidate
Two-party systems are on the rise: is this good for politics?
yes..check and balance like USA
Should any territory have the right of self-determination if a majority of the population votes in favour of doing so?
yes ! but the security of the country should not be compromised
Does a state have the right to attack or intervene in another country that has not attacked said state, if the country has committed grave injustices or crimes against humanity?
Are we witnessing the end of the American empire?
Why did the economies of communist countries fail?
human needs change accordingly..only with freedom in hearts, economic can be stimulated further
What is nationalism?
Do you actively or economically collaborate with any social organization, NGO, etc.?
yes, local NGO
Do you believe in any of the conspiracy theories regarding 9-11?
Are there peoples more civilized than others? Or is it merely a question of cultural differences?
i guess it is merely due to cultural difference and the knowledge improvements
Are there too many taxes?
not necessarily
Do you believe in affirmative action?
yes! but depending on what?
Does globalisation help in the development of the world's poorest countries, or does it perpetuate conditions of exploitation?
yes it helps indirectly .. but at a small scale
Should a maximum limit of permissible personal fortune exist; and thereby, place limits on individual wealth?
yes.. but I am not sure
Do you defend the ecotaxes?
Should consensual offenses such as drug use or prostitution be legalized?
Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
pro choice
Are you in favor of or against the death penalty?
not in favior
Should homosexual couples have the same right to adopt as heterosexual couples?
i am not sure..depending which country you live
Do you believe that the world crisis can bring positive changes to social values?
What significant changes do you think Obama can bring about along his presidential term?
he reduces tension with the islamic world

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Ajin b.Gagah
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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