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How and why did you begin to be creative?
it's just in my nature. I have always looked at things differently. I quite often have a different perspective. I think it is probably my greatest strength.
How do you find the balance between working to live and living to work?
I love my job. I love my family. There's the balance
In moments of tension, what techniques work in calming the mind?
What is the greatest loss you have had in your life?
myself. I lost who I was for a long time.
You have nine wins in a row in a game of roulette: do you continue because you are on a good run, or abandon the game because statistically, it is your turn to lose?
Abandon. I know when to quit
Is there any superstition that makes you change your behaviour?
Does knowing someone's zodiac sign help you to better understand that person?
What matters more in deciding your vote: the party, the candidate, or the ideas?
Two-party systems are on the rise: is this good for politics?
Yes, in the sense of stability. No if you want to cherish the ideals of democracy.
Should any territory have the right of self-determination if a majority of the population votes in favour of doing so?
Yes, but there should be an honest information campaign not based on fear and misinformation. What are the odds of that happening?
Does a state have the right to attack or intervene in another country that has not attacked said state, if the country has committed grave injustices or crimes against humanity?
I think we need strict international laws governing such actions. 'grave injustices' can come down to interpretation and can be difficult to justify. Does it have a right is not hte right question. Does it have an obligation?
Are we witnessing the end of the American empire?
No. We are witnessing much needed change
Why did the economies of communist countries fail?
Because they were corrupt. After each revolution the communist leaderships left their 'for the people' policy behind and built empires for themselves. Building a strong economy went against the principles of communism and they preferred to live in denial of failure rather than losing face to their critics.
What is nationalism?
It's about having pride in country. It's about believing in a set of values that represent your country.
Do you actively or economically collaborate with any social organization, NGO, etc.?
Yes. All the time
Do you believe in any of the conspiracy theories regarding 9-11?
Are there peoples more civilized than others? Or is it merely a question of cultural differences?
My view is that it is merely a question of education. If you educate people they have an opportunity to learn about things they may never have had access to previously. Through learning they can develop choices.
Are there too many taxes?
Do you believe in affirmative action?
Yes. But you need to equip people to be able to achieve it. You can't expect us all to be wired the same and achieve great things from nothing. Some people need help. Some people can't accept help.
Does globalisation help in the development of the world's poorest countries, or does it perpetuate conditions of exploitation?
It's a catch 22. It perpetuates the conditions of exploitation because quite often their governments are corrupt but at the same time there are much needed jobs created for a poverty stricken population. More needs to be done to stamp out corruption
Should a maximum limit of permissible personal fortune exist; and thereby, place limits on individual wealth?
LOL, I have never even bothered to think about this because it's an insane proposition. If you think you can manage to set a ceiling in wealth and take away whatever remains from the most powerful people in the world then you are certifiably mad!! There are far better battles to fight.
Do you defend the ecotaxes?
They are a necessary evil. Money and greed control the world. Hit 'em where it hurts
Should consensual offenses such as drug use or prostitution be legalized?
Yes. Too much power is given to horrible, horrible people but keeping them illegal.
Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
pro - choice
Are you in favor of or against the death penalty?
Should homosexual couples have the same right to adopt as heterosexual couples?
Yes. Who am i to define what love is from one individual to the next. If two people truly love each other, what's the problem?
Do you believe that the world crisis can bring positive changes to social values?
No. But it can bring some big men down to earth. Pity it won't last
What significant changes do you think Obama can bring about along his presidential term?
The power of intelligent and thoughtful decision making. I have never been moved by a politician before. I am not even American. I see a lot of good in Obama. I just hope he can succeed.

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