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What types of coaching do you do? Who are your clients?
I am an expert in the field of Kettlebell training. My clients range from fitness professionals to celebrity personalities.
Can you provide a link to a site where we can get to know more about you, the type of work you do and/or the place where you do it?
How did you get into coaching?
Coming from a sporting background, I have always been passionate about health and fitness. This has led me to winning Personal Trainer of the Year for Great Britain (UK) 2009.
Do you have innate qualities, or is it something that you learned?
I have an ability to connect with people on many levels, which helps me to stay in tune with how they are feeling during a session, I use this skill to keep my clients motivated and positive to give 100%
What must the person you are helping contribute?
Passion and dedication to take a stand for what they want to achieve.
Can positive thinking can be developed into a habit?
Yes by constantly reminding yourself of what you want and why.
How do you define the concept commitment? What importance does it have in the development of a person?
If you have integrity, then your word is power, power is reality. Stay true to your word to stay true to yourself, thoughts will become reality as you create your ideal existence.
Both of the following are necessary, but how are dreaming and realism balanced?
Everything you see before you started with a thought or belief. Self belief can take you very far but being realistic is also important. Start with smaller goals before attacking something on a larger scale.
Is it necessary at times to reorient a person’s desires and expectations?
It is important to help people realize what they really want, this can be achieve very easily by asking the right questions.
Discipline and creativity: are they two forces in opposition, or are they complementary?
Being disciplined is sometimes necessary to remove distractions from being who you truly want to be or creating what you want to achieve.
What are your personal relationships like with the people you work with?
My relationships are all professional at the work place, however some people do become friends as its natural to connect with people you spend a lot of time with.
What is usually the main obstacle your clients face?
Lack of self belief.
How do you know if a challenge is the right one for a person?
By a proper assessment of the persons attitude and personality.
When the coach is confused or lost, where does he/she find a guide? Who is the coach of the coach?
It is important to remain humble and understand that we are all learning throughout our life time. If one adopts this, then they will always be knowledgeable and able to progress and adapt.
Can an excess of self-esteem be the worst obstacle?
Not if it is true and self contained, and not just a rationalization not to try new things that may seem difficult.
How do you recommend selecting a coach? Should it be someone who has followed the path that he/she wants to? Should it be someone they admire?
Someone who is interested in helping you and comes across as authentic. Watch around before choosing and those people will stand out from the rest.
If someone wants to initiate a self-transformation, what general advice would you give him/her?
To be successful, you need a goal, a direct line to follow. Ask yourself why you want to achieve something, take a plan of action and stick to it till you get there. If something hasn't worked before, don't be afraid to try something new, if that doesn't work, try something else till you hit that winning formula. Never give up.

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Stefano Chiriaco

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