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How did you start working in sales? What type of things have you sold in your career?
Since birth, we all are sales persons directly or indirectly. First, as a kids we cried to get our food, to get clean, to get a toy, etc. Then we had to sale our parents the reasons why chores were not done, when the grades came, explain and convince our parents why did not do good on X classes and so on. Then as an adult we sale our education, skills, experience and expertise on each and every interview either for employment or to render services. So, as far as I remember I have been a sales person since I was a kid and by the way very successful. As a health care administrator I had to sale the services we rendered as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to physicians, hospitals, X-Rays and Lab facilities in order to recruit them as providers. As a Human Resources Director I had to sale our company image to different sources and when the company shut down the administrative offices due to relocation to Texas, I had to sale the lay off employees to different companies in order to ensure they were all employed before the final closure of the management offices. Then as Sales Executive for the Timeshare industry I had to sale the product and it's benefits, however, as a timeshare owner since I was 19 years old I had all of my pictures on trips and my stay in different resorts with my family using my timeshare weeks, so I had the most important thing a Timeshare Sales Executive needed to be successful; I was truthful and they find me reliable as well, due that I showed them proof of the benefits of the program I was explaining to them, not selling just explaining. My timeshare stats were 6 out of 10. As a Sales & marketing Manager for new home sales I encountered multiple difficult situations that I had to overcome using sale technics and personal experiences in order to bring the buyers where I wanted them to be. As a Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate I not only have to sale and maintain my image as an honest, trustworthy and professional person but also as an advisor in many areas as well as a true professional in the selection and location of commercial and residential properties; single family homes, condos, town homes, vacant land, lots, offices, commercial buildings among many others. However, this is really easy for me due that I have been part of this industry for the last 22 years and I enjoy having a very long list of generous buyers and sellers that sale my image to their friends, family, acquaintances before referring them to me, as well as some of my colleagues that refer me their clients when they cannot help them.
What company do you work for and what is your current position?
As of today I am an Independent Sales Associate, Realtor with Jackie Guelde Realty, Inc.
Is there an link to an Internet page where we can see something about you?
htpps://www.BlankyRealtor.com https://www.facebook.com/BMBreservices https://www.twitter.com/BMBreservices https://www.linkedin.com/in/blankymarquezbradshaw www.pinterest.com/bbradshaw0428 http://members.FloridaRealtors.org/1226011
What is your current product? What is your sales pitch?
My current product is real estate, commercial and residential; single family homes, resales, town homes, condos, short sales, foreclosures, lots, vacant land. I do not have a sales pitch; I am my true self when I talk to buyers or sellers due that each and every situation is different. People have to be treated accordingly to their preferences and personalities and for that no one can have a sales pitch. I do not have to sale myself to any of my clients due that I only work referrals so my buyers and sellers list is a very large one and all of them know by heart that my motto is real and true; "Service Beyond the Closing". Sellers or buyers that have been referred by previous clients came to me with all the information given to them by my previous clients who had explained to them the type of professional I am. The first thing they informed their friends, family and acquaintances is that I do not sugarcoat any information. I go straight to the point and with the truth in order to avoid any type of misunderstandings. Never had used any sales pitch to get a listing or to work with buyers.
What types of clients do you have? How are they different from each other?
My clients are very different; different personalities, different line of work so I have physicians, nurses, pharmacists, top executives from private companies and government offices, labors, truck drivers, single, divorce and widow, among others. However, deep inside all of them are the same; great people with great hearts to whom a good friendship was developed during and after the transaction was completed. This is the reason why I keep receiving referrals. Clients that have received an excellent service through the beginning to end of their transaction, showed their appreciation by writing commendations letters and by sending their friends, family and acquaintances for me to work with them. My clients have been and are very loyal and I do appreciated very much that from them.
What questions do you use to get the conversation started?
I started by asking how they are and if they have kids and brought them with them I talked to the kids to establish a rapport with the complete family.
Is listening one of the best ways of influencing?
Being a good listener is 98% of the success with sellers and buyers in real estate. Ask one question, listen to the answer and through the conversation most of the questions will be answered without having to sound like a detective. By being a good listener buyers and sellers will feel appreciated and it shows to them that I am truly interested on their likes and dislikes on what they think, want and expect and I will have a complete picture of the needs and expectations of my clients and most of the questions will be answered directly or indirectly.
How do you respond to objections?
The first step is to listen carefully to the objection, acknowledge the objection, be sympathetic, address the objection directly explaining clearly and in detail everything until the person is satisfied. In timeshare this is call "turning the table"
What is your attitude to bargaining? How do you carry out a good negotiation?
Bargaining is a good tool that can be used to benefit clients and an excellent opportunity to get for clients what they really want and that can be reasonably obtain. In real estate the bargaining is with the other party and on behalf of our client when we are representing buyers and bargaining not usually done due that selling prices are based on market value, and negotiations are for closing costs so, there is no much negotiation to do either. When my buyers are ready to buy a house I explained to them the pros and cons included in a bargaining and the negotiation and what can or can't be done. When the market is a seller's market not too many things can be negotiated due that the reality is that there are many buyers who will accept seller's offer in a bit with no negotiation at all. When buying new homes, negotiations can be done with the builder and most of the time it is not a hard negotiation to do. However, my previous experience in negotiation with service charges is to start low in order to get to the required and accepted figures. The real estate market is up again, so negotiations are really hard to do.
So, you've managed to clear all the client's doubts, now how do you close the sale?
OK. Mr. and Mrs. _____ now that all of your questions have been answered and you both said that now you feel comfortable and at ease, and as you said before that this is what you want to do today, let's go so we can speed up the process of signing the required documents to make your dream a reality. (By confirming what they have told me that they feel comfortable and at ease and that they wanted to do it today, I am quoting their words so if everything is clear and they feel comfortable there is no reason for them to wait or to say no).
What it is your method for obtaining references?
I do not have to ask for a reference or commendation letter. At the end of each closing when they ask me what they can give to me in appreciation for the excellent job I have done for them, I just let them know that a reference letter will be enough. Not only have I got the reference letter I also get either a gift or a dinner invitation. I am very blessed.
How should a cold call be undertaken?
With the same professionalism and courtesy a any other call.
How do you organize a presentation?
I usually do not deal with presentations due that most of my clients are former home owners and they know exactly what is that they want and how much of a house they can afford. For me the best presentation is to listen to the needs, likes and dislikes of my clients and go from there. Again, my clients are referrals and when they get to me they know everything they need to know about me and about my work. However, most of the people develop their presentations by pulling together slides, then assembling them like dominoes, and it seems for them like an OK order. This usually means that no one except who is going to give the presentation can guess where the speech is headed. I strongly believe that at the heart of a successful presentation is a clear structure. For me the best structure for what I am trying to do depends on the nature of my talk. So, if and when I have to use a presentation I organize it as follows: Frame the need that the service addresses, Describe the need in detail, Describe the ways in which my solution addresses the need, Describe the facts for the benefits of accepting my solution and finally Get an agreement and close the deal. I do not use slides I only use facts than can back up the solutions I am submitting to my clients.
What books or seminars have influenced you the most in your career?
I have read many books and been in many seminars however, the best books and the most who have influenced in my career are: Og Mandino - Greatest Miracle in the World, Greatest Salesman in the World William Clement Stone - The Success System That Never Fails Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence
To what degree must one believe in what is being sold?
When I meet with my clients for the first time I always tell them; “I will show you homes in good areas, areas that I like and that I will be happy to buy and live there due that if they are or the house is not good for me they are not good for you either. Many times I have walked into a property and without asking my buyers if they like it or not, I tell them this is not the house for you, let's keep looking. A job well done is food for the soul.
What is the most difficult product that you have had to sell? How did you manage to sell it?
The most difficult situation was selling new homes with no furniture and decor and I love it. When buyers walked into the model home and said: "Oh they do not have decorated models" I immediately answered with a big smile, "well we do not sale furniture or decor, we sale new homes and we love to show buyers how to picture their furniture and decor into their new home. Some buyers think that their furniture is old and will not look nice in their new home. However, you will realized and be surprised that this is not quite correct. When you bring your furniture and decor most of the time you will not place them in the same area that you have it now in your home. You might also be able to split some of your furniture pieces and place them in different areas and you will be surprised how good it looks. If you do not mind you can bring me photos of your furniture and we can both go around the house to find the exact spot for the furniture and other pieces". This approach worked very well. I got many sales and referrals every time I needed to overcome this objection.
If you could select any product in the world to sell, what would it be?
Wall paintings and home decor!!!
How do you keep your morale up and maintain self-esteem after a series of rejections?
I worked selling timeshares and my stats were high 6 out of ten that means six sales out of ten tours, so I had 4 rejections most of the time. Who cares, they were not rejecting me, and they just decided not to buy. Then and now, as long as I do my job I do not take any rejection personal, and for me a NO is not a rejection, it is a response not to buy the product and most of the time it is a matter of money. As we used to say in timeshare; NEXT. Now as a Realtor I do not get rejections due that they call me to buy or sell, I do not do farming, I do not do cold calling, I work referrals and my self esteem and morale either when I sold timeshare or now is always where it is supposed to be. My PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is very high.
To what degree do economic incentive objectives work?
Economic Incentives in real estate are a must due that Realtors work based on commission and bonus, not on salary. We Realtors expect a good compensation such as commission and bonus, for the excellent job we perform. In my case I render an excellent service and I am very aware of that, not only because I say so, it is because of my clients assessments and on the same token I expect a good compensation for a job well done.
How do you accomplish personal development?
Reading, attending seminars and workshops on line. Taking classes in different topics. I accept positive criticism so I ask my clients, friends and family to assess my work performance, attitude and professional skills and requesting from them to be as tough as they much as they can in order for me to be able to improve in any of the areas if needed.
What are your long-term professional plans?
Keep working, enjoy family and friends time and enjoy life to the fullest. For me God and family comes before any professional plan. We have only one life to leave and we need to live it to the fullest due that we do not know if we will be here tomorrow.
What aptitudes should a person have to succeed in sales?
In order to succeed as a sales person or in any other profession, the person has to have and show passion on what they do. No passion, no success. In addition, in sales the most important skill to be a successful person is to be a good listener, show clients that you care about them and that you will be there for them from beginning to end and after the transaction has been closed. This positive attitude will bring more clients and more referrals and will help to have a successful professional life for many year to come.
What advice would you give someone who wants to begin selling?
First; be sure that a career in sales is for you. Second; learn from the best but develop your own personality as a sales person. Third but not least; never stop improving yourself using all the tools available to you.

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