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Do you have an online gallery where one can view your photos?
Everyone can see my photos on http://boxman.awazo.com/
For how long have you done photography? How did you begin?
About 10 years. I have been interested in photography after seeing the exhibition of 'Henri Cartier-Bresson'.
What has been your education as a photographer?
Nothing. I learn by myself.
Please list any exhibitions in which you have participated.
Please list any awards for your work.
My photos were accepted for NIKA exhibition two times.
What is your favourite type of photography?
Street photography. I want to catch the scent of daily life.
What do you try to express through your photography?
The essence of people is same, language, color of skin, culture and religion are vary though.
How do you choose your subjects?
I shoot when I amble the city.
What type of preparation do you do before undertaking the photo session?
Nothing particular. If the subject is adult, I give him a cigarette and smoke together.
Do you normally photograph with a purpose already in mind, or do you let yourself go with the flow?
My subject is people in the street. So going with the flow.
Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sigma, Olympus, Sony, Pentax...which do you place your bets on and why?
I like Canon because I use it so long time.
Describe your current equipment: cameras, lenses, computers, accessories...
I usually use CANON EOS 1V and EF85mm F1.2L II USM.
What software and plug-ins do you use to retouch and manage your photos?
I usually shoot with films.
What measures do you take to protect your work against Internet piracy?
Nothing particular. But my photos on internet are not so high resolution.
Are you a good salesperson of your work? In what should you improve?
I am poor at that...
Which past masters of photography do you most admire?
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Are technology and digital retouching reducing the gap between professionals and amateurs?
Maybe so. But the technique doesn't kill personalities, I think.
What is your team of habitual collaborators like?
I shoot alone.
With which other photographers do you normally team up with or do sessions with?
No one.
Do you consider yourself more technical or more artistic?
I am always eager to learn for both.
What have you learned about the art of framing and composition?
To see masterpieces.
How does one develop the instinct of knowing when to press the shutter release button?
Take many shot.
When should one use film, and when should one use digital?
I use usually films.
Does photography have the recognition that it should have in contemporary art museums?
I think so.
Which websites for photographers do you frequently visit?
VFXY. I see online galleries there.
Is there any particular technique that you could share?
Mmmm. I don't have any.

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