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What do you do? What is your musical specialty?
I write organic, folk-rock-with-a-groove songs and perform them under the name The Art of Whimsy.
Do you work alone or in a group? If in a group, who are the others you work with?
I'm a solo act. I do work with others if the venue requires it.
Is there a web address where one can listen, see, or read some of your work?
www.TheArtofWhimsy.com www.myspace.com/TheArtofWhimsy www.TheArtofWhimsy.wordpress.com
Please list any awards, competitions, or other acknowledgments you would like to mention.
I have written songs for short films, won local battle of the bands, toured with and performed with award winning artists.
Please list discography in which you have participated.
in the last ten years I've released -Sad but True -Of Dreamers and Thieves -Coffee Cup Wisdom: a live experience -The Art of Whimsy: an acoustic Prologue
How did you begin making music? Who introduced you?
My parents started me out with a piano. Later I moved to guitar.
What was your musical education?
A year of piano lessons and one of guitar.
When did you realise that making music could be a way of life for you?
From the second I picked up an instrument.
What is your creative process?
Music just comes, you never know when or where. Driving in my car lately...
When do you have your most lucid moments, in the morning or night?
What a strange dichotomy. Given those choices, probably the night.
Have you ever awoken with a melody created from your dreams?
no I haven't. I heard of that sort of thing though.
How do you know when a song is finished or needs no more changes?
When it flows I guess. Songs are never really finished, many times they continually evolve through performance.
How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?
The artistic millieu of the Northern California foothills that I grew up in was steeped in a kind of neo-folk rock. I just naturally began playing it and putting my own spin on it later as I moved further south.
What part of your job is your least favourite?
The smokey bars where people shout out "Free Bird!"
How often do you practice?
Every day.
How do you feel right before going out on stage?
Relaxed, energy-high.
Which musicians or groups have been inspiring to your career?
Rich Mullins, Counting Crows, Andrew Peterson, 5 O'clock People, Six Pence None the Richer, Bob Dylan etc.
List three songs that are key to your life.
What should be done to stop piracy?
make them walk the plank
What type of music do you detest?
All music has it's place. Some of it is the gutter I guess.
What time did you get up this morning?
11:30 am
How do you sell yourself? What has been your experience with record companies and representatives?
One gig at a time.
What other things have you done to make a living?
Substitute teaching.
Have you ever played on the street or in the subway? How much did you collect each day?
anywhere from $20 to $100 but I never played for more than an hour or two
Who would you play with, without a doubt?
Counting Crows
What advice would you give to someone starting out in the business?
Keep on, keepin' on.

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