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What business are you in and what is your position? Are you an owner or an executive?
I run a personal finance website called The Jenny Pincher with the emphasis of teaching single women how to get out of debt and start building wealth. I am the owner and creator of the site and totally taught myself Wordpress so I could maintain the site on my own!
Can you provide a link to a site where we can get to know more about you or your business.
Sure! You can find me at http://thejennypincher.com
What is your story? How did you come to run a business?
Let's see, where do I begin! I actually started my website as a way to educate other women on the topic of personal finance. Most personal finance blogs talk about getting out of debt but there is really no emphasis on building wealth. I aim to cover both topics in what I write about. I started my career working in the financial industry (banking) and when I was a lender, I noticed a lot of people I was working with had no idea what they could afford for a home. They actually left it up to me to decide! As if I really knew what was going on in their financial situation! From my experience as a lender, I saw a definite need in the area of personal finance. I developed a course called "The Basics of Budgeting" and I taught that for 3 years at the community college. Then I started to get more involved with blogging and saw I could reach more women by putting my content online. So I set out to learn the most I could so I can reach the most amount of people!
What are the most recent changes being carried out in your business, and why?
I'm constantly working to improve the look and feel of my blog. I recently updated my blog to have a better look and feel and so it was easier to navigate. I'm also always working to provide the most valuable content I can to my readers. I'm in the process of developing a budget bootcamp http://thejennypincher.com/budget-bootcampcoming/ which will be a 16 week intense online personal finance course. Since I work alone, I can't get things done quite as fast as I want, but I'm working as quickly as I can!
A business is based on creating relations of trust with clients, suppliers, employees... How do you create and maintain yours?
Trust is everything when you are in business, especially in the area of personal finance. I strive to provide the most valuable content I can and I only suggest things to my readers that I would do myself. I don't let my website get bogged down with a lot of useless content that is not useful. I also try to write from a personal level so my readers can see I am a real person and I do struggle with the same things they do.
How do you attract and retain the best talent?
Well since I'm a one woman show, I don't really have to deal with that yet. But as my site and business continue to grow, I would love to bring on more people in the future.
What is ôsellingö for you? What is your technique? What is the greatest lesson you have learned about selling?
First off, I don't sell. There is nothing worse than feeling you have been "sold" on something. I don't like it and I don't think other people do either so it's just not what I do. Instead, what I do is tell a story. I think it shows the reader I'm coming from an honest perspective with the goal to help them solve whatever their problem is.
How do you generate ideas for your business? Are you used to brainstorming with someone?
I'm always looking for new things to do for my website and my business! I read a lot every day to get ideas to write about so I have the freshest content possible. I also watch other successful people online. I opt in to their mailing lists and read what they have to say. Not only does this give me new ideas for my business, I usually learn something new along the way.
How does one develop the instinct to detect business opportunities?
I think knowing what you are good at and what your goals are two ways you can start to detect business opportunities. You will usually find opportunity where you least expect it. Keep and open mind and you might be surprised where your business ends up.
Do you have a well defined future plan, or is it in your head rather than on paper?
A little of both. I know my short term goals for my business and eventually where I want to go but it could probably be a little more defined than it is now. I am an extreme type A personality so when I decide to do something, I want it done NOW! I tend to skip over things that aren't in my immediate path, which is a weakness of mine!
What types of promotion or advertising have you tried? Which have worked best?
I've tried it all! Banner ads, ppc, adsense etc etc. I think right now I'm having the best luck advertising my eBooks on free classified websites. Sometimes the most simple forms of advertising work the best.
Are the words "New" and "Free" magic in your sector?
Well I'd say "Free" is since I'm in the personal finance sector. But I think if you have good quality content and people trust you, they are willing to pay a reasonable fee for your information.
What role does technology play in your business? Do you believe that you are where you need to be technologically speaking?
Since my business is web based, of course technology is huge! I feel lost these days without my laptop in hand. When I started the website, I really knew nothing about running a business online. I can remember staying up until 3 am messing around with html code on my first website. I would test the code to see "if I do this then it will do that". Boy that was a painful learning curve but I'm actually quite please with how far I've come in the last year. I know I still have a long way to go but everything I learn (teach myself) builds on what I will do next for my business.
If you wrote a book about everything you have learned doing business, what would the title be?
This is a really good question and one I will probably think about long after this interview. Over the past couple of years I've learned a lot but two things that really stand out to me are 1. goals and 2. determination. Without goals and the determination to run a successful business, there really is no point. I've had a tough time over the last couple of years because things just didn't always go as planned. I've really learned A LOT from those experiences and I think that has helped me grow as a person but also keep my focus because I want my business to succeed. So I guess the title of my book would be "Keep Moving Forward Even When It Feels Like The World Is Trying to Get You to Move Backwards". I felt like I was looking back and wishing/hoping things were different but the only way we are going to get what we want is to keep moving forward.
What is your advice for surviving the economic crisis?
Read my eBook to find out!

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