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What is your favourite type of customer?
We love our small business clients because we are also small business owners. Small businesses are the backbone of our country. There are more small businesses than ever and they employ people who need jobs and give them a chance when larger companies ignore some people. The products and services are essential to most of us whether we realize it or not.
What are you working on now?
We are working on updating all our clients websites with our new website design software and re-writing pages to make content that will draw the reader and hopefully make the reader want to stay on the website.
Have you got a blog or web page?
website: http://www.holdstillproductions.com
How do you see the transition between traditional advertising and online advertising?
Online advertising has to catch the viewer in SECONDS, so ad copy has to be concise and catchy.
Is advertising merely spam?
Of course not. How would we find out about a product if you never saw any ads about it?
Does the public buy the product or the product image?
BOTH: ad copy is dependent of Visual
Is a political candidate the same as a product?
No, the political candidate is applying for a job so they need a good resume. Experience and temperament in this case is more important than an inanimate object.
What is your specialty in the interactive world?
Website Design for Small Business since 2001
Where can we see some of your work online?
Website: http://www.holdstillproductions.com
What kind of projects do you usually undertake?
Small to medium new or redo websites for the small business owner.
What was your first job in the field?
Two answers: First - 100tonsofstuff.com - my estate antiques site started in 1998 and commercial client TimCorbinsTreeService.com in 2001
What is your professional background? What did you do before?
Professional Photography and Stock Photography - see our other WhoHub site
With which technologies do you normally work?
We use special webdesign software which we just updated 2016.
Lessons learnt on user interface design
learnt? are you from England?
Do you work by yourself, or in a team? how is that team?
What is the secret to keeping customer expectations under control in interactive development?
Knowledge of webdesign and Patience, Understanding, & deciphering web speak into normal English.
What was your first computer, and which is your current?
Osbourne 1 using CPM language Current: AMD w/Windows 7/8 Professional designed for me
Online virality: isn't it the same as traditional word-of-mouth?
We usually depend on word of mouth which works well for us plus our years of experience.
Do you think the digital gap is a social problem? What would you do to accelerate digital literacy?
There is no digital gap - what century are you from? What there is is a problem with people using an actual computer not knowing what it does or what it can do for you. There is a nice tutor program on every computer today - check it out.
What were you doing in March 2000, at the height of the "dotcom bubble"?
Selling antiques & doing websites all online
In the current interactive world, what is the most relevant trend?
Mobile phones & using them to order & pay. This requires webdesign for mobile phones which we already provide.
What would you do to terminate Internet spam once and for all?
Security of providers of email - Google does the best job on this. Domain email also needs to be secured. Best answer: STOP DOING FORWARD MESSAGES TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET by including all those names on your list in the TO line. If you must forward all that junk stuff: send it to yourself first, then do BCC to all the names on your list AND erase all the previous names below. Result - less emails for spam stealers.
Will bandwidth one day cease to be a limitation?
Bandwidth applies to companies that limit your internet like sat. providers. People today pay for a certain amount of space. This space is being used more and more to download movies and video ads, TV programs, etc. More likely, this space will get smaller, not larger unless more space is created.

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