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What is your sport, and what level of commitment do you have to it?
aggressive inline skating is my sport and take part in tournaments in the Netherlands
How did you get started? Who introduced you to the sport?
I started when I was 12 years. and when I did it with a friend but for a time he found it no fun anymore and has stopped after I have gone further and have always run training
Who was the sports idol that impressed you the most as a child? And who impresses you now?
used to be my idol dmetrios george his style I like very much and still there are more idols to come as bryan aragon julien Cudot Bosgra and robin.
Do you have a coach/trainer who guides and helps you? What is your relationship with that person like?
I have no coach or anything but a few good friends who I can learn many tricks. lately I skate a lot with my friends and as a result I'm in a movie.
How does your emotional state effect your physical performance?
usually when I'm sad or angry I go to the skate park and skating really hard to cheer me on
How has your sport helped your personal growth?
I skate since I became harder and I can easily go about my fears with jumps and grinds on rails, and I jump a lot of stairs
How do you feel the public influences your performance?
if your audience is usually full of stress on your stand but that gives me positive energy and then you want everything gwn countries and go try things that you have not previously done that is the purpose of sport is a new challenge and new things learning
Have you have suffered any serious injuries? How is morale maintained during recovery?
I've never really broken and that I'd rather not I've already had some heavy bruises on my wrists and I can not skate my oudersm but do you want so badly that you just do secretly
What plans do you have for yourself? What do you want to achieve?
My plan is to usd for america to ride then I am really happy but I'm happy when I major pro contests and winter x games the clash and can join

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