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What is your specialty: creativity, contact, or research?
our specialty is brand activations and engagements with both consumers and marketing channel
Please list some brand names or clients that you have worked for.
LG Mobile, Dell Computer, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, Ajinomoto
Have you got a blog or web page?
Still in the pipeline :)
What do your clients value more, strategy, creativity, design, or return of investment?
Mostly strategy, creativity and of course ROI as well.
The word 'creativity' is much-used in advertising, yet most commercials are annoying, why is that?
Most communication is build on one-way dialog. It's all about the brand and not about the consumers and what is most relevant to their daily life.
Can a bad advertising campaign sell well?
Yes they can. Placement of a 15" bumpers TVC split to the same repeating 5" cuts and have them on repeatedly during prime time can create high awareness nevertheless annoying :)
How do you respond to the classic quote, "I love the idea, but right now's not the time"?
Defend the idea fiercely. There's never a right time.
How do you see the transition between traditional advertising and online advertising?
awesome transition between traditional to online advertising. engagements can be spread widely and instant. most important, it's a strategic vehicle for a brand to be friend with their consumers in most relevant ways.
What is your favourite thing about working in advertising and what is your least favourite?
idea generating and blending brands and what they can represent into people lifes in the most beneficial ways. most dislike, work process always chaotic :)
Do advertising festivals help to improve the industry, or are they only ways for the elite to pay homage to themselves?
Some are good sharing session and some are exactly that, a self-masturbation events for the elite :D
Does the public buy the product or the product image?
I think if a brand talk to the heart, the public eventually buy what the brand stands for. Product specs became second matters.
IMPACT! Is this the main scale for judging the work of an advertising professional?
Impact definitely is one way to measure performance index may that be in market share, sales or awareness.
Is it possible for someone in advertising to communicate well with people of other generations or cultures not their own?
The world is flatter now and everything is almost equal everywhere. However, it's still best to have someone with local culture to ensure the dialog still contain that taste of locality in the most relevant ways.
In advertising, what is most effective, frequency or surprise?
Surprise or a sense of discovery is always good to create impression and awareness. People like to feel they're the first to know.
Is a political candidate the same as a product?
Never had any experience handling this but yes they are the same as product. The only difference is a a product's is safer as they can't get involve in any scandalous affairs :)
How do you explain the way in which some brands have been able to expand so widely and rapidly without advertising? Are the laws of marketing changing?
These brand establish their presences in the most relevant environments and behave like a friend to their targeted audience just as that, a friend. Surely, word of mouth and endorsements from these friends becomes the brand equity. Testimonial from someone you know beats any advertising ever!.

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