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What is your specialty? Production, direction, something else?
I would classify myself as a writer, but I do Produce and Direct, as well.
How did you begin in this field? Who introduced you to it?
I originally wanted to be an artist, but found I was colorblind, so I moved on to writing short stories. I always knew I wanted to create things; especially when I would create whole storylines with my GI Joe figures when I was 8, but it was when I took a job at a video store that I really knew I wanted to go into writing and directing. I would say my biggest influences, or who pushed me into this field were Quentin Tarantino and Tony Scott.
Do you work for a client, for the audience, or for your own creative adventure?
I definitely work for my own creative adventure, but I'm always keeping the audience in mind. I think anyone that says they don't keep the audience in mind, when they make films, is lying.
What should a good script have in order to interest you?
First and foremost: a script needs to have well developed characters. I believe that you don't truly get engulfed in a story or script until you can relate to the characters in some way.
Name three contemporary directors or producers that you admire.
Quentin Tarantino, Cameron Crowe, David Fincher
What movies or television shows inspired you to work in this field?
There were a few, but, I would say: Suspiria, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Pulp Fiction, Delicatessan, Clerks, El Mariachi, Dawn of the Dead (Romero version), Boogie Nights, Cronos...
Are you the type who instantly knows when a take is good, or one who does another three takes to be safe?
I think it really depends on the shot and scene.
Do you enjoy post-production, or do you prefer to leave that in the hands of other professionals?
I really love editing! Sometimes, you can make a totally different story, and it makes the experience that much more fun.
Do you approach an editing session with a clear idea of what you want to do or with an attitude of experimentation?
Clear Idea: 30% Experimentation: 70%
What is the best movie than you have seen in the last year, and why did it seem especially good?
Synechdoche, NY I think there were so many aspects of the movie that made it a great film; everything from the acting to the story.
What works best for you when selecting an actor: an audition, seeing some of his/her previous work or having a long conversation with him/her?
I think auditioning is good for finding an actor, but I try to have an interview (or long conversation) after looking at their previous work. So, I guess you could say, I use all 3.
Do you change the dialogue after selecting the actors in order to adapt the characters to them?
Which do you like more, large budget or small independent productions?
small independent productions...although a large budget is nice.
What recommendations do you have for someone who wants to break into in the industry?
Just do it. If you have a movie idea, just shoot it. If you have a story idea, just write it. Don't wait around for people to discover you; reel them in.

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Dan Hunter
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