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Appolinaire ZAGABE KAMANYULA [zagabe] 

What subjects do you teach? What types of students do you have?
children and elderly people
Can you provide a link to a site where we can see something about what you do or the center where you work?
www.zagabe.blogspot.com, www.myspace.com/pepa_drc
How have your past experiences prepared you for teaching? How did you become interested in education?
just 5years, it is because, i sow there were many children that took a decision to live in street because of many problems, i sow that is good to help them, and for elderly people, because they were abandoned by other persons.
Who was your most influential teacher and why?
just Mr MARIO and Mrs MONICA
What is your educational philosophy?
Just to save the human dignity of those category of persons,to show them that they are able to do all important things as others in society
What is the most challenging aspect of teaching for you?
just to organise semina,dvice, to look for experiences of elderly that they crossed in their life
What kind of relationship do you have with your students?
no, relationship, but they are now my feirnds as iam their teacher
What is the secret to instilling interest in knowledge?
is to be accepted by all and to be friend of all people
What is your philosophy on homework and grading?
is to make sure that all iam teaching is true
Is it possible to teach creativity? how?
yes, when students make the practice,of some courses
How do you establish authority? What do you do when a discipline problem arises?
when there is a problem, for children, i ask them to choose for that one who makes mistake the discipline to him, for eldery people, i give dvice
How do you individualize your teaching? How do you handle the different ability levels of students in classes?
I individualiza my teaching to refer to the plane course, and outline
What cooperative learning means to you. How have you used it?
is to introduce a new knwoledge in the mind of some one Iused it because aof many experiences
What do you expect from your supervisor? What qualities would you like to have in your principal?
is to ameliorate my professional quality in education
What issues in education are of greatest concern to you?
to integer some street children in a good live
Would it be a good thing if teachers had economic incentives based on student performance?
Besides more financial resources, what do today's schools lack?
clothes of students, materials to use, financially to pay some educators, to care very well elderlpeople
What are some ways you have incorporated technology into the classroom.
In light of new technologies, do we need to reinvent the school, its methods and objectives?
If you could create the ideal school, what would it be like?
A modern one
What do you think schools will be like in 20 years?
a modern, international one
What are your professional goals? Where do you want to be in five years?
is to build a good school and hospital as the request of students, i need to be in US
What qualities would you need to see in someone before advising him/her to go into teaching?
A good beautiful school,other teachers, to have sponsors,...

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[zagabe] Appolinaire ZAGABE KAMANYULA
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