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Do you have an online gallery where one can view your photos?
Yes,you can check on me in " treknature " and just type zoeWayne666 in the key "search".. There you can see all my photos i had took.Not much photo but it very stunning.
For how long have you done photography? How did you begin?
I done photography since at the age of 15. It started when my school had done a photography competition. I never win any.But this is my passion.
What has been your education as a photographer?
I wish i had formal education about this field but i haven't. All the education i got from the internet,for exampel, the information of lens and what type of camera i needed.. Not that easy you know!! But i never given up,especially when it comes about photography. I always holding on the principle of " I do what i likes, I likes what i do and nobody can stop me to learn about the world of photography".
Please list any exhibitions in which you have participated.
Never, i haven't any and not yet..
What is your favourite type of photography?
landscape photography,nature photography and moving object photography.
What do you try to express through your photography?
the loves of nature and animals/plants kingdom
How do you choose your subjects?
when i thought that subject was interesting had lot of connected with my soul.
Do you normally photograph with a purpose already in mind, or do you let yourself go with the flow?
i let myself go with the flow... but sometime i purpose something that already in my mind..
Describe your current equipment: cameras, lenses, computers, accessories...
cameras: i used Nikon D70 a SLR camera. Computer: i used home computer,e-mag brand.
Which past masters of photography do you most admire?
all landscape photographers.
Do you consider yourself more technical or more artistic?
What have you learned about the art of framing and composition?
Which websites for photographers do you frequently visit?
TrekNature and TrekEarth.

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